Our Aim is to develop Shree Nandi Shala into India’s largest, modern Bull/Cow Sanctuary; ‘Nandi Village’. It will be a facility spread across 600 Acres that will accommodate over 0.5 million Stray Cattle.
The Facility will include Over 250 Acres of Open Grazing Area for sheltered cattle.
The Village will feature a 50 Acres Lake and Rain Water Harvesting facility.
A state-of-the-art Veterinary Hospital will be developed with dedicated facility for injured / amputee Nandis/cows.
We will also develop a Museum dedicated to Cow and their Cultural significance.
Shree Nandi village will encourage tourist visits and volunteer services.
A dedicated cow sciences research center will be developed.
A training center will also be included to provide animal husbandry training.
We will also develop a modern Breeding Center in Shree Nandi Village .
A number of interactive activities will be planned in the facility to sensitize masses about the cause of abandoned cow and bulls.


In a matter of 16 months, Shree Nandi Shala has evolved into Napasar’s (Bikaner District) largest Bulls/Cows Shelter. Currently more than 7000 bulls/cows are sheltered in Shree Nandi Shala. Employee strength of over 250 is engaged in the facility to take care of every need of the bulls and cows. Shree Nandi Shala has also made special arrangements for the helpless, abandoned and injured cows.


It is evident that bulls are way more exposed to atrocities than the cow. Our mission is to help those stray bulls find a home and live a life free from diseases and harmful consumption of plastic and other substances.
Shree Nandi Shala envisions improving the quality of life of the animals along with developing a model to make the upkeep of non-milking cows and bulls, self-reliable.


Shree Nandi Shala, aims to be the largest bull shelter in the country with more than a half million bulls/cows. With a great thought behind the service, we look forward to sheltering even more stray bulls and cows here.

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