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 Shreenandishala-NGO for Cows and bulls

Shree Nandi Shala is a well-equipped shelter home /sanctuary built and maintained to provide shelter,
food and required medicinal treatment to abandoned, helpless, and injured bulls and cows.

What We Do?

Shree NandiShala has built a well-equipped veterinary hospital & ICU Unit inside the premises for extra care of unwell, injured, amputee cattle with the 24X7 vigilant team of experienced doctors.

Medical Facility 24x7

Shree Nandishala is taking care of almost 7000 cattle currently.

Shree Nandishala has ensure that adequate number of sheds are there to accommodate cattle and prevent them from heat /sun/ cold waves etc.

Shelter for Cattle

Shree Nandishala has built huge godowns to store dry fodder. We cultivate fodder for cattle on our over 50 acres of land. Daily Consumption of fodder is between 600-700 quintals. Our Vet doctors examine and prescribe the quantity of fodder as per digesting capacity of cattle.

Fodder Storage

Shree Nandishala has a dedicated staff of over 250 people taking care of the cattle day & night.

Dedicated Staff

Shree Nandishala provide FREE Organic Manure to the needy/small farmers and promote organic farming.

Free Organic Manure

Shree Nandishala is concerned about the present situation of cattle in our country and urge everyone to help them just by serving few Rotis/ vegetable etc. so that they don’t end up eating plastic and other toxic elements.

Spreading Awareness

Shree Nandi Shala at a Glance


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